Wanting To Invest In Property?

Do you have cash in the bank sitting doing nothing? Have you considered buying properties to generate rental income?

This is usually known as Buy to Let.

Investing money in property has become the go to option as not only will you generate monthly income, but you have put your money into an investment that will grow in value over time.

There are two ways of doing this:

  1. Buying property solely in your name
  2. Buying property under a Limited Company

Both options will depend on how large of a property portfolio you wish to grow and your income tax implications.

The types of Buy to Lets you can consider are:

  1. Single dwelling
  2. House of multiple occupation – HMO
  3. Holiday lets
  4. Serviced accommodation

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Please note for more specialised funding, such as short-term lending on auction or run down properties that are not mortgageable please refer to our sister company Marvel Commercial by clicking the button below, for more details.